Sunday, October 7, 2018

Tips for Shopping Health Insurance

Many people are complaining about their health insurance costs, having a dramatic increase in rates over a short period of time. Some policyholders have noticed that their rates increased by 30% over the last two years and that definitely rings a bell, when a good portion of your income is spent on health insurance. In this time when every spare dollar counts, people are looking for ways to minimize their expenses and insurance, whether health, car or homeowners, is the first thing that comes in mind when cutting costs. Some people choose to drop health coverage altogether, ending up with astronomic bills for any medical service they get. Others are more careful with their decisions and first investigate what other types of health insurance can bring to the table. Here are some things to consider if you want to minimize your insurance costs.

Should I get individual or Familly health insurance plan?

There are a lot of questions about group and individual health insurance. Of course, group plans are very convenient in the sense that you can insure your entire family and pay out a single premium rather than have multiple separate policies, which only multiply the annoying paperwork. However, group health insurance usually has higher rates as it should guarantee that even high risk customers within the group have adequate coverage. This, of course, makes the healthier group members pay for the risk they share with the less healthy members. Such a situation can be acceptable if there are different health issues among different members. But if your family is healthy in general it would be more cost effective to purchase separate individual policies for each member, because the rates in individual plans are based on your particular health situation and if it's OK then you will get much lower rates than with a group health insurance plan.

Outline your exact insurance needs and get an appropriate plan

If you are looking for cheap health insurance you first have to determine what your exact insurance needs are. Analyze your conditions, see how often you go to the doctor and what particular services you are using most frequently, and choose a plan that gives you the base rates for your exact needs. With so many different plans out there on the market you should definitely find the one that will give you cheap health insurance and will address all of your needs to the proper extent.

Finding cheap health insurance while self-employed

Those workers who are self-employed often find it hard to get adequate coverage for a low price. The group health insurance benefits that an employer can give their workers don't apply here, and in most cases self-employed specialists have to go with independent individual health insurance plans that can sometimes be quite expensive. However, if you are leaving a workplace with good group health insurance benefits, you may fall under COBRA regulations in certain circumstances and continue receiving group health benefits while already being self-employed. If your previous employer didn't have any group health benefits, it would be better to go independently.