Monday, October 8, 2018

Personal Health Manager

Improve your health and get more out of your life with innovative online and phone-based health assessment tools.

Log on to your personal health manager.
This online service
24-hour GP and stress counseling Helpline calls provide personalized advice and information to help you and your family improve their health and wellbeing.

Symptom check
Provide online confidential medical advice and information anytime, anywhere
Write a detailed record for you and your family.
When talking to your doctor, connect to the GP Help channel.
Health planner
Complete Health and Lifestyle Assessment
Customized action plans to help reduce health risks and maintain health
Medical Information
Medical Conditions from the Dorling Kindersley Complete Family Health Guide
NHS waiting time for special procedures and specializations
Determine stress areas and get suggestions for handling them.
Provide mental health services to make you healthier.
Health services are provided specifically for children in your area.
Conversation with experts *
Contact a qualified physician to obtain 24-hour medical advice and information.
24 Hours Stress Counseling Counseling Find help and advice to fight stress with your phone.